New Book Friday – Part 1!

First Friday in November … you know what that means. New Book Friday! Today we are presenting some of the newest fiction titles to grace our shelves. We have so many additions to our shelves, that our New Book Friday will be spread out throughout the month of November. Here are some new fiction titles.

If you’re hungry for a good book – and community service hours – you can now participate in our book reviews.  Stop by the Youth Services desk (or look around the website) for the form.

Read a Book, Write a Review

Loved it? Hated it? Have no idea *what* the librarian was thinking when she ordered (insert any title here)? Thought it was so funny that you then went out and read everything else by the author? Or … you really just want those community service hours?

Wait, what? Community service hours … for reading?!!?

Here’s the deal: starting on November 1st, you can ask a Youth Services librarian for a Book Review form. You can read the latest teen fiction and non-fiction (books must be from the YA section in the library, or could be found in the YA section of a library on Long Island.  The “latest” refers to books published from 2009 to present).

Read the book. Answer a few simple questions about the book (what’s it about, how awesome is it, what was your favorite {or least favorite} part). Then, bring your form back to the library and hand it in to a Youth Services librarian.  To make everyone happy, please PRINT your first and last name on your form.  If you hand in something without your name, you cannot earn community service.

If you’re waffling about what to read, either check out our New Books Friday and click on the title (and -gasp!- the publication year will reveal itself to you!) or ask Miss Kate about the newest YA titles.

Read a Book Write a Review Form

Read a Book Write a Review Form.docx

Halloweening It Up

Halloween is next Sunday, and to get everyone in the creepy mood, here are some suggested books and movies. Note: some titles can be found in Adult Fiction.

If you want to get your nerd on, the library WILL be open on Sunday, October 31st, and at least one staff member will be in costume. If you come in costume, you might be featured here, on our blog!

Books with Beat – The Half-Life of Planets

October 17-23 is Teen Read Week, and this year’s theme is Books with Beat. One of the newest items in our collection is currently being read by our Teen Services librarian. She swears it will be available to everyone else by Saturday (sixty pages to go!).

Books with Beat: Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drummer: The Half-Life of Planets by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin

Miss Kate has been reading The Half-Life of Planets this week, and the reason it’s taking her so long – she doesn’t want it to end. Liana and Hank, who tell the story in alternating chapters, are two high school students who have never met each other – until this summer. Liana Planet is into kissing, planetary sciences (she’s researching why stars twinkle) … and is giving up kissing ANYONE this summer. Hank is beyond obsessed with music – you mention a song, or hum a bar, and he can give you the entire history of the band. After a chance meeting in the women’s bathroom (a hysterically funny scene, if I may add), Liana and Hank fall into an interesting friendship. The story is sweet, the musical references are awesome, and it’s great to read about two people who dance to their own orchestras.
The Half-Life of Planets is available in hardcover in our YA section.

Teen Read Week- Books with Beat

October 17-23 is Teen Read Week, and this year’s theme is Books with Beat. Over the next few days, titles that are guaranteed to make you burst into song, rock out, or bust a gut laughing will be reviewed on the blog.

All these titles are available downstairs in our Young Adult collection in book and audiobook format (CD, tape, playaway). Several lucky titles are available to our patrons through Live-Brary in e-book and MP3/iPod compatible formats.

Here are some titles guaranteed to make you tap your toes, burst into song, or rock out. All these titles are available in our Young Adult collection – and a lucky few are also available either as e-books or audio books. Check out our catalog for more details.

Awesome Book With Beat: Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

Our Teen Services librarian read this back in May or June, and was bouncing around for a good week afterward. Audrey is your average music-loving girl – who just happens to have a song written about her. Think that’s awesome? It’s not in her case. Throw in a wisecracking best friend (“My name is Victoria, like the Queen”), a job at the Scooper Dooper, and a potted plant that serves as a hall pass – and you’ll be cracking up and downloading almost every song Robin Benway even *references*. (Miss Kate’s favorite song from the book: Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J).

Audrey, Wait! is available in hardcover in our YA section.