Meet the Candidates and Budget Information Meeting on Monday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m.

The annual Budget Vote and Trustee Election will be held on Tuesday, April 5, from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the library. Please plan to attend the Meet the Candidates and Budget Information Meeting on Monday, March 21, at 7:30 p.m.

The annual Budget Vote and Trustee Election will be held on Tuesday, April 5, from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the library. Please plan to attend the Meet the Candidates and Budget Information Meeting on Monday, March 21, at 7:30 p.m.

College and High School Students
Have your voice be heard! You are eligible to vote if you are 18 or older and a registered voter. Register at the Cold Spring Harbor School District Office, 75 Goose Hill Road.

Out of town April 5th?
Come into the library for an absentee ballot application!

Letter from the Director

Dear Residents,

Everyday, hundreds of people visit our library. We are a source of inspiration and information for all ages. We continually search for resources, services, and knowledge which will enrich your lives and direct our future.

I recently attended a memorial service for a community leader. One of the speakers quoted Ted Kennedy’s tribute to his brother Robert at his memorial service in 1968. “Our future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not beyond our control. …[T]he work of our own hands, matched to reason and principle will determine our destiny.”

These lofty words resonate in my mind and apply to your library. On April 5, you will have an opportunity to vote on your library’s budget. The proposed budget for FY11-12 includes a modest 3.48% increase, or $26 more in Lloyd Harbor and Cold Spring Harbor, and $30 more in Laurel Hollow for the year, based upon the current tax rates set by the Town of Huntington and Nassau County, subject to minor adjustments in August 2011.

This budget will enable us to maintain open hours and increase our most popular programs and services, including more eBooks for your eBook readers and portable devices! It also includes an increase in funding for contingency as directed by our accountant. These funds have been decimated by our extraordinarily harsh winter weather.

Next year’s budget also contains a generous donation of $25,000 from the Library Friends Foundation to support programs for all ages! In addition, Foundation funds continue to enable necessary capital projects. The Foundation is also pleased to announce two new fundraisers: first, the 125th Anniversary Party for the library on July 16, 2011, and second, a new partnership with the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport (see page 5 of the March/April newsletter for details).

The future of our world, our state, our county, and our community is in our hands. Let’s see challenges as opportunities and create a future to be proud of.

Letter from the Director

Dear Residents,

Happy New Year! The challenges of 2010 have been conquered and the bright prospects of 2011 await. Thank you for your generous response to the Library Friends Foundation’s Annual Appeal. Remember, you can always donate via our website,

On Veterans Day, we held our first Book Pocket Drive and raised over $300 for Children’s programming. The 243 book pockets will be glued into new books to hold the date due receipt. We are grateful to all the children for their help with this new project.

Every parent knows you can count on the resources at the public library for homework help. But this year, the librarians are reaching out to teachers with weekly hands-on tutorials tailored to the curriculum. All teachers are welcome; just register via our online calendar or call Youth Services at (631) 692-5719, x300 for details.

Here’s a quick story with a happy ending. For decades, Cold Spring Harbor librarians have maintained a book rack at the Cold Spring Harbor train station. Well, one day in October it disappeared. Our phone rang with commuters wondering what happened. Thanks to the staff at Senator Carl Marcellino’s office and their direct outreach to the LIRR, we are thrilled to announce the return of the book rack. Thank you, Senator.

New Year’s resolutions usually include an exercise plan, but this year our “Get Healthy” series needs to take January off while the floor in the Meeting Room is repaired. So, hold on to that list of New Year’s resolutions and join our popular strength training, Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi classes in February 2011.

Hope to see you soon!

P.S. Thank you, Dick Shanley, for the loan of the sculptures! (See page 6 of the January/February 2011 Newsletter for details).

Letter from the Director

Dear Residents,
Your public library can a have big role in your life. For some we are a meeting place, an exercise class, free internet, wireless web access, popular fiction and nonfiction, plus movies and audiobooks too. Our new website, newsletter and ebook programs reflect our commitment to applying new innovations while maintaining traditional services.
Blogposts, chats, tweets, emails, websites, readers, and handhelds; the tools keep changing but the goal is the same to provide access to and connections with information sources. Sometimes we hear that books, newspapers, and magazines are on the verge of extinction and the next story is their rebirth. Your library staff members are aware of these trends and will continue to offer you access to traditional print and online sources.
In this issue we remind you of the Library Foundation’s ongoing donor opportunities through a one-time or recurring PayPal contribution. This sustaining membership enables the Foundation to fulfill its mission of enhancing the program and services of your Library.
On the back page, in Community Notes we list local benefits, remind you of the monthly Audubon programs and announce a Literacy Tutor Training program. Details about the Audubon programs can be found in the Community Calendar at

E-book sales soar

I love books–the feel, the smell, the stories. Today’s NYT includes this report about the soaring sales of e-books on Amazon. Your library will be offering access to e-books for free in August  from our website (see link in right sidebar for download books) or directly from our online catalog.  These free e-books and e-audiobooks can be enjoyed on many devices  including the iPod, iPhone, Android phone, Sony E-reader, Nook, or Kobo,  but NOT a Kindle (due to Amazon’s exclusivity restrictions). Please check out this new service next month and let me know what you think of it. You can reach me anytime at Thank you.

Welcome to Our New Web Site!

Dear Residents,
Thank you! Your vote of confidence and support of library programs and services is deeply appreciated. I am especially grateful to all the parents of school-age children who spread the word about how important the library is to students.

We are very grateful to Chris Nehlen and his students in the Visual Communications Department at SUNY Farmingdale for our completely redesigned newsletter. After 124 years, your library will now produce a bi-monthly newsletter in a new clean, intuitive format. My gratitude also goes to George Hirsch at SOS Printing for subsidizing the printing costs.

I’m very interested in your opinion about the new website and newsletter. You can reach me via telephone or email.

On April 13, you elected two new trustees. Deanna Zenn and Ellen Moore will succeed Donald Morrongiello and Claire
Moosbrugger. My heartfelt thanks go to Don and Claire, who committed their time and talent for over a decade.
Fans of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks will soon have free access to hundreds of titles through the online catalog. For details, visit Summer is a great time to catch a wave!

Join our Adult Summer Reading Club and win great prizes, thanks to generous local shop owners. I hope I catch you
reading very soon.
Helen M. Crosson