Letter from the Director

Dear Residents,

Happy New Year! The challenges of 2010 have been conquered and the bright prospects of 2011 await. Thank you for your generous response to the Library Friends Foundation’s Annual Appeal. Remember, you can always donate via our website, www.cshlibrary.org.

On Veterans Day, we held our first Book Pocket Drive and raised over $300 for Children’s programming. The 243 book pockets will be glued into new books to hold the date due receipt. We are grateful to all the children for their help with this new project.

Every parent knows you can count on the resources at the public library for homework help. But this year, the librarians are reaching out to teachers with weekly hands-on tutorials tailored to the curriculum. All teachers are welcome; just register via our online calendar or call Youth Services at (631) 692-5719, x300 for details.

Here’s a quick story with a happy ending. For decades, Cold Spring Harbor librarians have maintained a book rack at the Cold Spring Harbor train station. Well, one day in October it disappeared. Our phone rang with commuters wondering what happened. Thanks to the staff at Senator Carl Marcellino’s office and their direct outreach to the LIRR, we are thrilled to announce the return of the book rack. Thank you, Senator.

New Year’s resolutions usually include an exercise plan, but this year our “Get Healthy” series needs to take January off while the floor in the Meeting Room is repaired. So, hold on to that list of New Year’s resolutions and join our popular strength training, Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi classes in February 2011.

Hope to see you soon!

P.S. Thank you, Dick Shanley, for the loan of the sculptures! (See page 6 of the January/February 2011 Newsletter for details).