FYI Friday: The Environmental Collection

The full name of the Library is, of course, the Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center. But did you know that the “Environmental Center” part derives from the Library’s large collection of environmental books?

When the Cold Spring Harbor Library needed to move from its former location on Goose Hill Road, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation offered to allow a new library to be built upon park land with the agreement that the Library would have a dedicated environmental collection. Thus the Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center came into being.

Enviro Books

Our Environmental Collection houses books on a variety of subjects related to the environment, environmentalism, and environmental science. These include works on solar energy, fracking critiques, guides to living a greener, more environmentally friendly life, and much more.

This collection is located in the Environmental Center, the round room connected to the lobby on the main level. Patrons may access the collection at any time, even when the room is being used as a study area or meeting room, and all are welcome to check out any non-Reference title.

Enviro room