New Book Friday: August

We had a dilemma this year – do we put New Book Friday up a week early, or a week late? Lucky for you, you get August’s New Book Friday a week ahead of schedule!

If you’re curious as to what the staff is loving…

A Bad Day for Voodoo – gross, gory, and HYSTERICALLY funny. Miss Kate has gotten weird looks on the subway because of how much she’s been LOLing.

Croak – ever wondered if there’s more than one Grim Reaper? And what if snarky teens had the job?

The End – learn how the world might end … or why some apocalypse movies just won’t happen in the real world.

Selection – okay. One of our librarians has the ebook out (THERE’S AN EBOOK) – but it’s apparently a cross between The Hunger Games and America’s Next Top Model.