Teen Advisory Board

Why should you join the Teen Advisory Board, if you are in grades 6-12?

1. Your voice counts! At our meeting in May, the fifteen teens who came told us what they wanted. An ice cream party, board game night, a screening of the Justin Bieber movie… guess what’s happening?

Ice Cream Party (make your own sundaes) at our next Teen Advisory Board meeting on June 30th

Board Game night in September

Justin Bieber movie screening, also in September

2. Attending a Teen Advisory Board meeting = a community service hour. You are donating your time to the library and helping us create better, more awesome programs for teens. When’s our next meeting? June 30th… sign-up ahead of time HERE and show up at 7!

3. Heads-up on programs that you’ll be interested in. Need to learn how to babysit? Want to see how you would do on a (free) practice SAT? Interested in ghosthunting? Want to find out what new books are in the Teen Section before New Book Friday?

So, the message is: come to the Teen Advisory Board meetings. Starting in September, meetings will be on the first Thursday of every month. This summer, we’re playing a little fast and loose with meeting dates, so watch the website (or call the library at 631-692-6820) for time and date.