Museum Passes

Cold Spring Harbor Library now offers Print-on-Demand museum passes!

To get your pass:

      • Passes are for use by Cold Spring Harbor card holders in good standing, 18 and older.
      • Print-on-Demand passes can be reserved up to 30 days before the date you wish to visit the museum.
      • Passes will be valid only for the date listed on the confirmation page.
      • Reserved passes must be printed out and brought to the museum. Electronically displayed passes are not valid.
      • Each museum reserves the right to determine the rules and regulations governing the use of the museum pass.
      • Print-on-Demand passes do not need to be returned to the Library, and there are no late fees or fines no worry about!
      • Contact the Library at (631) 692-6820 to cancel a Print-on-Demand pass.

The following museums now use Print-on-Demand passes:

The following museums are also available, but do not use Print-On-Demand passes.  Call or stop by to reserve and pick up the pass.