February Book Discussion: Blood & Chocolate

Come to our book discussion on Wednesday, February 18th at 3pm!

Sixteen-year-old Vivian Gandillon is trying to fit in to her new home in the suburbs. But trying to act ‘normal’ isn’t always easy, since Vivian and her family are werewolves. It’s glorious to have the power to change, and Vivian is a beautiful loup-garou with all the young wolves howling for her. But she wants no part of her squabbling pack, left leaderless by her father’s recent death.

Then Vivian falls in love with a human, a meat-boy. If she reveals herself, will he relish the magic of her dual nature? When a brutal murder threatens the pack’s survival, Vivian’s divided loyalties are further divided. What is she really? Human or beast?

For Teens in grades 7-12.
Pick up a copy of the book one month prior at the Circulation desk! Also available as a book on CD.