Winter Book Reviews

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our 2010-2011 Winter Read a Book Write a Review Program!  Twenty-five different teens reviewed over forty books, for a grand total of 172 volunteer hours.  Teens reviewed books that starred young adult protagonists, in genres from biography, realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction and humor. Below are just a few books reviewed by our teen reviewers.

Hamilton, Josh with Tim Keown. Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back.

In this book, Hamilton talks about his childhood as a ballplayer and his early years in the minor leagues. He then explains how he got involved in drugs and missed several years of baseball due to his addiction … Hamilton is so honest about his life and it is humbling reading how one of the most talented athletes in the world succumbs to drug addiction. A great read for any baseball fan. – Sean, grade 11.

Marrone, Amanda. Devoured.

In the book the main character, Megan, is haunted by the ghost of her twin sister. She keeps this secret to herself until she meets a boy named Luke. He can see her sister too. The visions of her sister get worse as Megan must find out what she is trying to tell her. – Samantha, grade 9

Cross, Sarah. Dull Boy.

Avery, an ordinary teenager, discovers that he has extraordinary superpowers, super strength and the ability to fly. Avery is recruited by a girl genius, Darla, to become a member of a team of teenagers with superpowers. Avery is also sought after by Cherchette, the villain of the story. … On a scale of one through five I would give this book a 4. I enjoyed reading an honest approach rather than the typical bemoaning of “woe is me, I have awesome powers, whatever will I do” that so often occurs in coming of age fantasy and magical realism protagonists. – Robert, grade 12

Forman, Gayle. If I Stay.

This book is about a girl who had a pretty great life, a loving family, a boyfriend, music, and college. Until one day her and her entire family get into a car accident. Her family is killed and she is left in critical condition. But it is her choice to make it she wants to live or die. – Samantha, grade 9

I really liked how large of a role music played in the book. Between her talent as a cellist, her boyfriend’s band, and her father’s old band, music provided some light in an otherwise sad book. – Kylie, grade 12