College Information Section

Whether you are awaiting your college acceptance letters, or just starting to look at universities, the Cold Spring Harbor Library has a College Information Section. Located downstairs at the end of Young Adult (past the YA audiobooks and playaways) are titles such as the The Hidden Ivies: 50 top colleges from Amherst to Williams that rival the Ivy League, Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, even the Survival Guide for Students with ADHD or LD.

Besides our nifty college section, the library is also hosting Navigating Through the College Admissions Maze. It’s on Tuesday, February 1st from 7-8:30 pm for sophomores, juniors, and their parents. In this informative session hosted by Michael Binder, Your College Navigator (LLC), you will determine the following:

– which colleges are the best for YOU

– what you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your chances of getting into your preferred schools

– 10 tips that colleges don’t tell you

– how to balance the concerns of students and parents

Mr. Binder actually did a run-through of the program with me, and let’s just say I really wish I knew him when I was applying to schools back in Fall 2002. I would have been less stressed if I knew all these tricks of the trade! Sign-up today and don’t forget to attend!