What is … Paranormal Romance in Young Adult?

Ah, Paranormal Romance. If you wander into the Teen Section at the bookstore, you probably see a big display, mostly with a lot of Stephenie Meyer books on display.

So what is a Paranormal Romance novel?  Paranormal Romance has a few things going on.

1. There is ROMANCE (cue birdsong and cupids). There is at least one person in love with someone else. Think of Bella and Edward. And then Bella and Edward and Jacob. Love triangle!

2. There is something Other Worldly going on. Are there: vampires, ghosts, mermaids, werewolves, angels, witches? Are any of these characters in love with the main character?

3. Paranormal Romance can include elements of fantasy or science fiction. But really, there needs to be a love story of SOME sort going on.

Twilight – Bella (teenage protagonist) moves to rainy Forks, Washington and soon falls in love with sparkly Edward (vampire).

Paranormalcy – Evie is sixteen years old (teenage protagonist), works for the IPCA, has a faerie for an ex-boyfriend (paranormal element), and soon meets a mysterious young man who has been captured by the IPCA (love interest).

Beastly – Kyle (teenage protagonist) is turned into a hideous beast by a witch (paranormal element). He must fall in love with a girl who truly loves him in order to break the curse (romantic element).

Shiver – Grace (teenage protagonist) has always loved watching the wolves behind her house. Turns out, one of the wolves, Sam, has been watching her and loving her from afar (paranormal element – he’s a werewolf – and romantic element).

Ash – Ash (teenage protagonist) grows up believing in the fairy realm (paranormal element). In this retelling of Cinderella, she must choose between a handsome fairy cursed to love her, or the King’s Huntress, whom she loves (romantic element, and a love triangle at that!).

Huntress – Kaede and Taisin (teenage protagonists) go on an epic journey to the city of the Fairy Queen (paranormal element) in order to restore the balance of nature. Trust me, there is romance in this book.

The Demon Trapper’s Daughter – Riley (teenage protagonist) is an apprentice demon trapper (paranormal element) whose father is killed by a demon. Working together with Beck and her crush Simon (romantic element!!!), she finds out what’s really going on in the demon-trapping world.

A Great and Terrible Beauty – Sixteen year old Gemma (teenage protagonist) moves back to England in 1895, where she discovers her awakening magical powers (paranormal element) along with three of her new friends.