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The Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center and the libraries in Suffolk County provide a group of licensed, Internet-accessible databases selected by librarians to facilitate your research endeavors. You may access library databases from home using your library card number, (which can be found on the back side of your library card) and your PIN/library account password.

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LinkedIn Learning is an online resource that allows you to learn software, creative, and business skills at your own pace. Choose from thousands of video courses, and view them on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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A one-search option which combs through the County Catalog and full-text e-Resources databases, including Academic Search, Masterfile, Health Source Consumer, National Newspapers, Credo Reference, and Yahoo Images.

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Ancestry offers you the ability to access and search a wide array of records, and to build your own family tree right in their web site.

Choose from an array of resources designed to get you started in family research.

Resources for CSHL Patrons
  • Data Axle

Use Data Axle to find up-to-date information about businesses of all different kinds in the US and Canada going back to 2003. DATA AXLE is also comprehensive job-finding tool that has partnered with, complete with resume writing tips, salary information, and more.

“For each of the 366 days of the year (including February 29), substantial essays explore significant events through their anniversaries or the birthdays of individuals involved. Religious and secular holidays are included, as are in-depth treatments of events of military, scientific, ethnic, political and cultural significance.”

First Happenings, discoveries and inventions in the United States. This edition includes nearly 8,000 entries on 1,400 pages. Scientific, technological and medical advances, political and legal firsts, and significant social and financial milestones.

“The advent of the digital age has created unprecedented opportunities to share and access information about each one of us. This makes it simpler and quicker than ever to obtain a store credit card, to pay bills online without ever writing a check, and to publish our ideas and thoughts to the world. But it also gives both government and the private sector unprecedented opportunities to keep an eye on our movements, our interactions with others, and in some ways, our thoughts and ideas.”

“When politician Thomas R. Marshall said in 1920 that “what this country needs is a really good 5-cent cigar,” cigars typically cost twice that much. When Herbert Hoover made the statement often paraphrased as “a chicken in every pot” in 1928, chicken cost around 38 cents per pound. How do we know? Because we looked it up in this new edition (the first was published by Gale in 1994) of a fascinating survey of American wages and prices over past 139 years.”

Each volume portrays, decade by decade, a different group of working Americans. These volumes show, through historical documents and personal stories, how Americans worked, where they lived, what they bought, and how they kicked backed . Each profile is supported by material covering the society and history that shaped their choices and decisions.

This is Who We Were provides the reader with deeper understanding of day-to-day life in America during a particular decade. This popular series is sure to be of value as both a serious research tool for students of American history as well as an intriguing climb up America’s family tree. The richly-illustrated text provides an interesting way to study each unique decade in American History.

This book examines a series of legal documents, speeches, essays, and more, in a historical context. Using information about the culture of the time emphasis is placed on what the meaning of each item was when it was produced, and its impact in American history.

This book argues that the American identity is largely one of rebellion and social awareness. It provides a collection of historical documents which it cites as examples of dissent and protest throughout American history.

An important look at how our political system developed and changed and the forces that compelled these changes. With its comprehensive coverage of this interesting topic, Political Corruption in America will prove to be a useful addition to the reference collections of all public libraries, university libraries, history collections, political science collections and high schools.

American Reformers

American Reformers brings together informative biographies of 550 men and women who were the principal architects of reform in America from the seventeenth century to modern times. Designed for students and the general reader, coverage includes not only the chief facts of each subject’s life, but also offers a thought-provoking assessment of the subject’s significance to the general reform movement in this country.

From ferocious tribes to charismatic leaders and daring militias, this new edition of The Encyclopedia of Historical Warrior Peoples & Modern Fighting Groups explores the origins and leadership of these powerful combat forces, chronicles their conquests and accomplishments, examines the circumstances surrounding their decline or disbanding, and assesses their influence on the groups and methods of warfare that followed.

This volume offers a sweeping overview of the shifting tensions and public opinions fueled by Americans’ expectations of privacy vs. their collective desire for national security. Beginning with the seminal “Privacy Rights” article in Harvard Law Review in 1898, and ending with a recent Pew survey on Americans’ Attitudes about Privacy, Security and Surveillance

Nations of the World offers tremendous insight into current living conditions and social, political, and economic climates of 235 nations

Over 350 entries provide in-depth, unbiased coverage of both sides of the gun debate.