Adult Summer Reading 2022

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Adult Summer Reading Program:
Oceans of Possibilities

  1. [New Rule] Every 250 pages of a reviewed book will result in 1 raffle ticket, with a minimum of one ticket per book reviewed. As such, a 500 page book will be worth 2 raffle tickets or a 750 page book worth 3 raffle tickets. However it is a hard cutoff, so a 499 page book will be worth 1 raffle ticket and a 749 page book will be worth 2 raffle tickets. A rating and a review are both required for the submission to be counted.
  2. [New Rule] A hard cap of 40 raffle tickets per person will be allowed. Although superficially arbitrary, this number was calculated in the following method:
    • There are 43 days between June 27th and August 8th (the length of the ASR program)
    • Allowing for 8 hours of sleep, there are 16 waking hours a day for a total of 688 waking hours in this period.
    • Based on what is deemed an average reading speed of 40 pages an hour, this would yield 27,520 pages read during the same period, if one did nothing else. In book terms, this is 110 books of 250 pages length, 78 of 350 pages length, 55 of 500 page length, etc.

    With that in mind, only those who are reading a significant portion of their entire waking existence during the summer should feel short-changed by the quantity of raffle tickets allowed. Although we love to promote reading, nothing in life should be done to excess!

  3. Just like last year, 2021, there is a limit of one raffle win per patron allowed. The raffle will be held during the wrap-up party and those winning participants present will be allowed to choose their prize first. To clarify, if everyone is present at the wrap-up, 1st place will choose first, 2nd will choose 2nd, etc. This will also be true if none of the winners are present for the wrap-up. However, if the 1st place and 2nd place winners are not present for the wrap-up but the 3rd place winner is, that person (3rd place) will be able to choose their prize first. The absent winners will then be contacted in order of their win so they can choose their prize. One again, this rule is just like last year (2021).

For questions or assistance with registering, please email or call the Adult & Information Services Department at 631-692-6820.